Once opportunities for improvement have been identified through the assessment phase, establishing an action plan within a window of opportunity are the next critical steps.  Here again, the INRS team has the experience to guide you thru this process so your project is successfully on time and on budget.  We understand the difference between a theoretical plan and a real world complexity that exists and needs to be accounted for as we implement your plan. We accurately identify risk and resource requirements that impact operations permitting us to manage efforts accordingly.  Utilize the INRS team to simplify and streamline the implementation of new products, processes, and technologies so you are able to focus on your core business not your information systems.

Now that you have identified and planned for your next project, whether it's a small departmental system improvement or a full ERP solution, let the INRS team assist you through the implementation process.  Successful implementations are a result of proper planning and hard work, not luck and chance.  A majority of implementations fail not because of a lack of effort but a lack of effective project management.  That is where the INRS team can help!  We are experienced in guiding companies through business and information technology enhancements.  We don't build ERP systems, we mold them to fit your world.  We don't define your Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable process, we make it simpler and more efficient.  We recognize that each implementation is unique and different, allow INRS solutions to be your competitive edge.




Now that you have successfully implemented your solution you need to support it.  Most vendors provide a qualified support team and system for their products, however, they are designed with the idea that you have a resident application expert on staff.  Having one of your staff dedicate the time to become that expert sometimes just isn't practical, that's where the team at INRS comes in.  Our team is adept at filling the role of application expert and working as the bridge between your staff and the software provider.  Reducing time, cost, and stress when it comes to issue resolution.


Information is POWER!  Information in the right hands is the difference between success and failure.  Let INRS Enterprises assist in unlocking the power of your ERP solution.

Whether it's planning the implementation of a new system or streamlining an existing business process, INRS can help.  Our experience working with construction companies  throughout the US and Canada provides us with a unique insight into the dynamics of information flow  within construction companies.  This insight provides us with the ability to assist you in identification of information bottlenecks and how to resolve those efficiently utilizing existing technologies or adoption of new technologies where appropriate.  Our analytical process has proven to save clients time and money as we evaluate and recommend the adoption of proper technology to improve information and work flows.