focusing on it strategy and business performance

Construction companies place specific demands on the information technology - with key processes and departments highly reliant on information exchange, tracking and monitoring.  From job cost estimating to inventory control, from project management to accounting, your business depends on its information to perform.  INRS Enterprises understands this very well, and knows your internal stakeholders, from management to field personnel all needing accurate, timely data.  We assist you in establishing a strategy for how IT should function within your company, and can design a solution that meets your specific needs.

strategic planning

Working with senior management, operations, and accounting, INRS Enterprises professionals will develop a clear IT strategy based on your company's direction and objectives, identifying practical issues and limitations.  This includes reviewing the potential opportunities presented by advanced technologies.  Our collective expertise in your core business application process covers a wide spectrum of technologies and platforms enabling us to meet your needs regardless of the methodology.  We specialize in technologies so you don't have to!  It's Not Rocket Science, It's "Your Business"

MANAGING THE JOB instead of it managing you

Construction companies tend to grow organically, often starting out with a couple of guys in a truck with some tools and the knowledge that they can do the job better than the other guy and the ability to prove it. With luck and some hard work, a few years later your company has grown into hundreds of employees and hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment that require daily administration. Your success in the beginning was your ability to see around the corner at what was coming and either capitalize on it or minimize its impact. The irony is this ability leads to growth, often rapid growth, which diminishes your ability to do the very thing that made you great. The information you are attempting to use today is probably coming from home grown, purchased, and manual systems, making it increasingly difficult to identify the nuggets of information you need to be effective and maintaining that view of the future. That’s where the INRS team can help! Your company grew up constructing and managing projects, we evolved by managing and understanding how to capture and utilize your data. INRS can help you optimize your information flow from job site to corporate and back to the job site, all in a way that fits your core business process not forcing your business to conform to some one else's idea of your process.  We enable enterprise accounting systems to better handle your large complex data, making your companies project better equipped in dealing with the day to day management process of doing what you are good at.