S T Wooten Corporation is always looking to optimize productivity throughout their organization.  Technology, and particularly mobile technology, is proving to be a vital key in helping to achieve these goals.  S T Wooten Corporation recently partnered with INRS to design and develop an electronic Field Purchase Order application using mobile technology.  This application is functional on any browser based device, from smart phones, tablets, to laptops using Wi-Fi or cellular technology.  The application allows for multiple users with built in workflow that manages the PO approval process for each user from inception to vendor payment.  INRS can easily integrate the process into any back office accounting system and document management system, reducing redundant keying and scanning while maintaining complete visibility and accountability for all field PO requests.  The server based electronic PO application is designed to integrate with either the customer's purchasing software or directly into their Accounts Payable software.  The application has built in user defined alerts that will trigger e-mails indicating processing delays or data availability.  Technology is redefining our day to day activities, while ultimately improving productivity, accountability, and reducing overhead costs.  Please Contact INRS and ask how technology can help you optimize productivity and reduce costs.

Field PO manager is live at s t wooten corporation

Why inrs?

  • Best Practices in software development and adaptability to the agile methodology as preferred by clients
  • On-site and off-shore delivery model which assists us to deliver solutions in any corner of the world
  • Conversion of complicated business concepts into robust and user friendly software solutions
  • Developing solutions in the technology you prefer or suggesting the technology that is suitable.....Client first philosophy 
  • Solutions delivered on time and on budget

Disaster recovery services and support


INRS Field Purchase Order enables field personnel to create, change and approve PO's in real time independent of your accounting system.  Approved Purchase Orders are published to the ERP system via purchasing or directly into AP if an invoice has been attached.  INRS Field Purchase Order facilitates maximum flexibility in integrating into your ERP solution



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